How to Stop Door Drafts
Around Entry Doors

Learn how to remove old, damaged weather stripping around a steel entry door and replace it with new magnetic weather stripping and a new door sweep.

Remove the door, then replace all weather seals.
”Unzip“ the old, damaged door weather stripping, pulling it through the brads that hold it in.

Cut the brads
Cut off the old brads or push them all the way back into the groove with an old chisel.

Attach new weather stripping
Cut the new weather stripping to length and reinstall it, pinning it with new brads positioned near the old ones.

Attach new sweep
Peel out the old door sweep and caulk the ends of the door frame. Tap in the replacement sweep and staple the ends with 1/2-in. staples or the fasteners provided with the sweep.

Adjust threshold

Adjust the door threshold with a No. 3 Phillips screwdriver. Move it up or down until the door closes smoothly with no light seeping through.

With heating costs going through the roof, here’s an easy way to keep heat from slipping out your doors, too. Take 30 minutes and replace the weather stripping and door sweeps around your steel entry doors. Plan to do this project on a warm day since you’ll have to remove the doors. Steel doors use a compression-style strip for the hinge side and a magnetic one for the knob side and the top. But look at the door and confirm the style of weather stripping on all three sides and the type of door sweep before you head to the store. You’ll find replacement weather stripping in a variety of lengths and colors at home centers and hardware stores.

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